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Geely Car

  • Publish Time: 2017-01-21
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Since this year, Geely SUV on the overseas market is very popular, especially the user good evaluation in Middle Eastern countries that export orders this year, the loading shipped 600 new Geely SUV, is part of this year overseas orders, the number of car sent to the Middle East, will pass into the south, Chongqing Expressway. To the port of Chongqing and the Yangtze River waterway to Shanghai, and finally in Shanghai harbor shipping to the destination country. According to reports, this year only 8, 9 February, Geely SUV-GX7 overseas orders reached 2200 units.

In its exports, the largest single line for the imperial EC7, EC7-RV models as the representative of the imperial EC7 series, this year 1 to June total exports of 23370 cars, the quality and the brand has been highly recognized in the overseas market, the independent brand in a single vehicle export sales charts have been among the best. The beginning of this year on the overseas market SUV GX7, has become the Geely, Geely panda cars, vehicles and a main Geely Automobile exports overseas.

According to the reporter learned from Geely, Geely frequently break the overseas market, a product structure based on the upgrading of Geely, formerly free ship, King Kong, is now SUV, panda, EC7, to greatly enhance the competitiveness of products in overseas markets, and on the other hand, is to improve the products according to the special needs of the overseas market. So that it can better reflect the products in different environment adaptability, accepted and recognized by consumers in different regions, such as Saudi Arabia at temperature of more than and 50 degrees, have special requirements for air conditioning and heat dissipation, and the Russian Arctic region, especially on the wiper, bigger capacity requirements and so on, although these problems are some small technology and configuration issues, but Geely has given enough attention, Geely said, in order to make the products close to the target market, Geely for each A to enter the overseas market models, according to different target market to overseas market to do the test, found the problem after the change and improvement, only finished these improvements, these products can be put on the market, Geely imperial EC7 series and SUV-GX7 can quickly selling in overseas markets, improve product performance and according to the demand of the different target markets, has played a positive role in promoting, the Geely Automobile have featured more than similar models of competitive advantage.

Geely information provided to reporters show that this year 1 to June total exports of 50438 cars, up 30% over the same period last year, the largest increase in overseas exports become the domestic car prices, Geely still can achieve up to 30% of the rate of export growth in the export downturn of the environment, the reason of its success is worth reference.

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